Marketing Technology Provider, Spring Metrics, Announces Rebrand as Spring Engage

Spring Engage, formerly known as Spring Metrics, is excited to launch their new brand with continued growth in the hospitality market. The marketing technology company, located in downtown Raleigh, NC, announced the new look at a recent anniversary celebration.

Spring Engage will continue to be a leading provider of solutions that enable hotels to increase engagement and build relationships online with a targeted and intentional approach. The change was fueled by the company’s expansion within the hotel market, and represents both the value provided with their current solutions as well as future product releases.

The change comes at an opportune time, as travelers today have more information and options available than ever before. Hotels and resorts have recognized the need to provide value with guests early in the booking process. And with Spring Engage, hotel marketing professionals are able to easily and effectively build meaningful relationships with these potential guests when their interest level is at its highest.

“Building great relationships begins with taking intentional steps to engage with people, and for our clients, it’s the traveler, whether it’s for business or pleasure,” says Shawn Williams, Spring Engage President & COO.  “Taking advantage of those opportunities, nurturing those relationships, and building repeat business is where the most value will be derived moving forward”, Williams goes on to state.

Spring Engage is already working with several of the top hotel brands in the world and many of the leading management groups, including two of the top three in North America. They will continue to grow their client base in the United States and Canada, with an eye on European expansion.

To fuel that growth and to continue to provide exemplary service, Spring Engage will be growing their team with additional business development and product management positions over the next several months.