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Partnership Announcement: UniteU Commerce™

November 21, 2013 – Spring Metrics is proud to announce its newest partnership with UniteU Commerce. UniteU brings a unique level of customization and support to its ecommerce clients that lends itself to Spring Metrics’ behavioral targeting and real-time engagement approach to driving revenue. We share several clients, all of whom have seen great success combining the UniteU Commerce™ platform with our Smart Conversions solution.


UniteU is digital commerce technology that unifies customer engagement across channels and devices for mid-market retailers and emerging brands. UniteU offers a wide range of eCommerce solutions and services that provide shopping experiences online, in-store and across every digital touchpoint. These solutions include; uMobile POS™ and the UniteU Commerce™ platform; a single unifying commerce hub, connecting and aggregating disparate data sources them leveraging that data across all channels and emerging technologies.

Spring Metrics is committed to bringing further value and support to our clients, and we believe this partnership will enable us to better support and serve our client base moving forward. We are excited to begin this partnership and look forward to continuing our relationship with UniteU moving forward.

Want to know more about UniteU? Visit their website or speak with one of their qualified eCommerce specialists.

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