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Today's Traveler: How online travel is changing {Infographic}

A few weeks back we started researching the changes that are happening with online bookings (see infographic here). We discovered that with the rise of third parties, search engines, and new technologies entering the market, hotel marketers are seeing customers booking in a totally different way. So, we couldn’t stop there. This time we took a look at changes in online bookings… but from the customer’s point of view.

We wanted to know: How are people booking? Where are they starting their travel search? And what kind of interaction and relationship do they want to build with hotels?

We found that online travelers are tricky. It’s no longer enough to show everyone the same information because customers base their behaviors on many factors. Travelers search for destinations in one way but the actual hotels in different way, and the most common search methods for business travelers are almost the opposite of those traveling for pleasure. There’s a fine line that hotels are forced to balance to ensure they’re appealing to all visitors. A line that begins with engagement, personalization, and a better understanding of travelers.

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