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Keep More Bookings On-Site With Personalized Campaigns

Getting visitors to book on site is hard. OTA’s and third parties have had a tremendous impact on the hotel and travel industry, but with fees and rates hitting up to 30%, many hotels need more on-site bookings. Travelers today have unlimited options as to where they stay and how they book. In fact, it’s reported that the majority of people visit twenty two sites before making a decision on where to book!

So, how do you catch a visitors attention and get them to book with you? When potential guests hit a site, they need to see the best and most relevant information every single time.

That is where visitor personalization comes in. Personalization can consist of any type of targeted or direct messaging that applies only to certain qualifications of customer behavior. Whether it be information on their prior visits, previous bookings, or even the source that brought them to the site, it can be utilized to create the best and most specific content for that visitors needs.

Targeted content isn’t as painful as it sounds. Marketers can create campaigns focused on certain behavioral segments of their traffic. This allows visitors to feel both in the know, and comfortable in the fact that your hotel has exactly what they’re looking for. In fact, on-site personalization is utilized across many other major markets, so most visitors are actually expecting to see content and messaging tailored to their needs and interests.  

The key is using the right metrics and creating the right content. Every site and every property is different, so taking the time and having the resources to understand who and how you should be targeting is the first step.


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