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The Importance of "Where" Your Site Visitors Are Coming From

Location, location, location. Everyone talks about the importance, but why does it matter if your site visitors are located in New York instead of Madrid? We decided to  evaluate not only why geolocation data is important, but also find some common trends and best practices on how to use it to make the most of your traffic.

Geo-location can be as specific as a customer’s city or as wide as the continent they’re visiting your site from. But, knowing this small detail about your customers allows you to begin to develop customer profiles based on that information.

So let’s take a look at some different visiting locations and the type of customer profiles we can develop from each:

The International Visitor

When people are coming to your site from a different country, you can make a few guesses as to why they are there. If your location is in a large or tourist based city (New York City, LA, Dubai), it's probably safe to assume the majority of these visitors are planning a vacation.

Knowing which visitors are vacationing allows you to show only the offers or incentives that would be most valuable to this group. So if your hotel is based in Orlando, FL and you see a visitor from Europe on site, you can show them an activity based offers that will appeal to their interests while visiting.

The Local Visitor

People look for hotels in their city all the time- don't overlook them! If someone is looking at your hotel’s site from the same city or nearby city, try to understand their intent. 

This local could be living in your city currently but needs a weekend away from the house. Or, maybe they’re looking for a place to host a guest in town for the weekend.

Either way, this visitor is most likely not interested in the tourist deal you are offering. Instead, offering this visitor a complimentary drink or reduced breakfast option can appeal to their interests and keep them on-site to book with you.

The “Not For Pleasure” Visitor

Finally, let’s take a look at visitors who are coming from states or regions surrounding you.

Let’s be honest… not many people plan a big getaway to a city that is only a few hours away. These guests are often planning their travel around business. So greet these visitors with something that will win them over with convenience. Think complimentary wi-fi or up front parking rates.

Why go through the trouble?

So why even bother? Many sites just list out all their applicable offers under a tab on-site or on a separate page as visitors begin to browse.

The problem is the people (especially the newest generation of travelers) are becoming less and less patient. Customers come to your site, click on rates and can be lost in seconds if they don't see a reassuring message. 

Even worse, if you're using third parties to sell rooms, these customers can slip through your fingers and cost you 15-20% simply because they didn't see a campaign that was right for them. 

Geo- location is just one data point. By being able to dissect the information you have you can make reasonable assumptions about each site visitor, giving you the tools to present each person with the best campaign or message for their interest! 

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