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What Guests Want: Hotel Search Keywords and Stats

The average stay at a hotel is not what it used to be. The promise of valet parking and concierge services are outdated luxuries that the modern day traveler no longer finds important when choosing a hotel. With the constant growth in globalization and technology, guests are attracted most to a pleasant experience where they can be not only comfortable, but connected. In order for hoteliers to reach more of their consumers, it’s important to know how guests are starting their hotel search online and what preferences help them decide where they want to stay.

When it comes to searching for a hotel, there are a few keyword suggestions leading the pack in search engine optimization and pay per click ( After looking through the top ten keywords, it is clear that most guests have cost in mind during their hotel search. More specifically, customers are using keywords such as “hotel deals”, “hotel cheap”, and “hotel discount”.

Location also plays a large role in the hotel search process. Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah, San Francisco, and Chicago were rated the top 5 most visited cities in the U.S. last year ( People are more frequently searching and visiting these large cities because of their popularity and attractions.

So, what else are today’s travelers looking for when choosing a hotel? surveyed 1000 travelers from around the globe and here are the results:

Most Popular Hotel Amenities

  1. Complimentary Breakfast

  2. Restaurant

  3. Free wifi/ Internet

  4. Parking

  5. 24 hour front desk service


Most Popular in room Amenities

  1. Free wifi/ internet

  2. Bathroom shower

  3. Room size

  4. T.V

  5. Air Conditioning

The findings all agree with the fact that guest preferences and needs have shifted in response to this “new breed of traveler”(  Across the board, free Wifi accessibility is the number one preferred in-room amenity that guests simply can not do without. In fact, only 11% said they would be willing to pay for wifi (  Being able to easily work from the room or stay connected to family and friends is the new luxury for both business and leisure guests.

Although there is a definite attraction to technology, guests are expecting a happy hotel experience that goes beyond internet connection. Custom room features, such as showers, room size, and air conditioning have a significant impact on a customer’s sense of comfortability. Surprisingly, complimentary breakfast topped the list for favorite hotel amenity by guests. Offering free continental breakfast is a sure way for hotels to attract more guests, as 23% of travelers list free food and beverage as their most missed comfort away from home (

Creating the feeling of a home away from home for a traveler yields positive guest experience results.  Guests can agree that they would be willing to spend more towards improved services such as internet connectivity, comfortable beds, and responsive employees (

A researched understanding of popular keywords for a hotel’s sector can not only increase a property’s total website visits, it can also improve how people are behaving when on site. Keyword and search data doesn’t have to end once visitors hit the website. In fact, it’s recommended that hotel’s not only track and report on the effectiveness of their keyword campaigns, but also begin to use targeted messaging based on search behavior.

This infographic breaks down top trends in amenities and destinations for today's travelers so that hoteliers can not only optimize their search, but also target each visitors preferences from the very first site visit.

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