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Keeping Up With the Trends in Email Marketing {Infographic}

Email has undoubtedly proven its importance in the realm of digital communication. With 69.7% of internet users preferring email correspondence with businesses, it is easy to say that email marketing can be a great tool for Hotels to reach their guests. In fact, over the last year email marketing was ranked the most effective digital marketing channel for customer engagement in the U.S. More importantly, the hospitality industry shows the highest email open rates from its consumers, meaning guests are generally willing and interested in what your company can offer. However, sending out a promotional email must come with a strategy. We found that the time of day and attention to personalization can have a great affect on your email engagement with customers. The shift to mobile devices is another factor that cannot be ignored, allowing travelers to stay connected wherever they may be. While the majority of internet users are still using a computer to check their email, the number of mobile users is close behind and steadily increasing. Keeping all of this in mind, email marketing provides a way to target your customers in a way that is proven successful and is also convenient and familiar for your guests.

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